Pizza Scissors- A New And Better Way To Slice Pizza?

When you pull that bubbly, hot, steaming pizza out from the oven, the scent is overwhelming, and your mouth starts to water. You just can’t wait to slice it up and dig in.

But, sometimes, your pizza cutter needs to go over the pizza time and time again until it slices completely, and you are left slicing up for so long, with all uneven slices to serve. It’s not a good look.

Pizza Scissors- A New And Better Way To Slice Pizza?

There has got to be a quicker, easier and more even way to cut up your pizzas for the perfect consistent slice...and there is!

Pizza scissors are a new, much better way to slice pizzas.

What are Pizza Scissors?

Pizza scissors are a new invention used as an alternative method of slicing up your pizza!

Most people typically use pizza wheel cutters, and roll them over the face of the pizza to slice it up. This can take a lot of time and energy to slice all of the way through, whereas with a few snips, the pizza scissors can cut up a pizza in seconds. 

Believe us on this one, once you cut up your pizza with scissors, you will never go back to the rolling slicer.

The pizza scissors were actually invented by an American called Roger Brown. His scissors were intended to both slice and serve the pizza with one, quick and simple tool. People worldwide have since been using scissors to cut their pizzas, as this invention is an actual game changer. 

Pizza scissors now come in many shapes and sizes, some look just like regular kitchen scissors, whereas others come with a serving tool to plate up the pieces too. 

Are Pizza Scissors Better Than Pizza Cutters?

Using pizza scissors to slice up your pizza rather than cutters is so much better.

They are much simpler to use, maintain and clean. 

Cleaning Pizza Scissors

When cleaning a spinning wheel cutter, the wheel just keeps turning and turning, and it can be hard to get right in there to rub away the grime.

The same goes for sharpening the wheel tool, making looking after these utensils much harder than it is for pizza scissors. 


In addition, pizza scissors are much cheaper to purchase than pizza cutters, and you get so much more for your money. The wheel cutters tend to come loose, or lose their sharpness much quicker than scissors, which can make cutting up the pizza quite difficult after a few uses.

On the other hand, pizza scissors are sturdy, durable, and cut sharply and finely every time.

As with many kitchen utensils, the price will vary depending on the quality and construction of the pizza scissors. Generally speaking, you can pick up a cheap pair for around $5-10 dollars, whereas more premium quality pizza scissors can range up to $20 or $30.


You would be surprised how easily pizza scissors can glide through your favorite dish.

Unlike the normal pizza cutters, pizza scissors can slice through both the crust and the center with little to no effort at all. Unlike pizza wheel cutters, you never mess up the toppings, as the scissors just cut straight through to the plate or serving board. 

Never again will you have to struggle to get through that stubborn slice of salami or pepperoni, with pizza scissors, you can cut straight to the core of your pizza with no hassle or mess.

In addition, you do not have to worry about scratching your pizza plate, board or stone, and the blades of the scissors do not come into contact with anything but the pizza.

There’s nothing worse than those scrapes and rolling marks deep in the wood after using a wheel cutter on your favourite pizza board. 

You also do not have to worry so much about your cutters becoming blunt or less sharp than they once were. Pizza scissors remain sharp and capable, as they do not get scraped along the pizza plate. This tends to blunt pizza cutters and damage them, whereas this is  not so much of a problem for the scissors. 

Who Uses Pizza Scissors?

Pizza scissors are becoming much more widely popular across the world, however, you may be surprised to hear that even the finest pizza chefs in Italy have taken to using scissors rather than cutters for decades. 

In some places in Italy, pizza restaurants and shops will serve pizza by the slice, this means that they would offer customers the option of picking the size of the slice, and charging them based on the weight. This would be done by cutting apart the pizza with scissors, as it reduces the mess and creates a clean cut every time. 

Many pizza chefs prefer to use pizza scissors instead of wheel cutters, but they often refer to them via the professional term of ‘kitchen shears’ or ‘pizza shears’, using heavy duty versions intended for the busy environment of a commercial kitchen. 

Do I need Pizza Scissors?

Pizza scissors will make your life so much easier, and you can serve up a slice quickly, and without a mess. There are so many to choose from, at a range of prices that are affordable for you.

The best choice is the Fiskars Non-scratch Kitchen Shears.
These pizza scissors are powerful, yet have non scratch properties, so they will not damage any surfaces when cutting. In addition, the unique handle shape keeps the top of the scissors away from your pizza toppings, with grips sculpted for comfortable use. 

Next up is the Dreamfarm Scizza Scissors.
These are also a great pair of pizza cutting scissors, specifically designed to cut up the perfect pizza slice, on any surface! With stainless steel blades, these scissors will last for a long time, and yet, will never scratch your surfaces. 

You may prefer pizza scissors with a serving spatula, like the Jugetware Set of Two Pizza Cutter Scissors
You could find these pizza scissors much easier to use as they have their own serving spatulas to hold each slice and place them onto a plate. With ergonomic handles, and angled blades, these scissors are the perfect addition to your kitchen. 

Or, for a cheap and simple solution, you can use normal kitchen scissors to slice up your pizza, like these Heavy Duty Kitchen Shears from EyUer.
These scissors are multi functional and perfect for using in your kitchen, but can also be used for cutting up pizza. Available in a range of colors, and with a handy cover for the blades, these are a great choice, and the cheapest option!

How To Maintain Pizza Scissors

The key with maintaining your pizza scissors and keeping them in the best working order is to not put them in the dishwasher.

You should always try to clean your pizza scissors by hand with warm water and soap, as the hot water and powerful cleaning processes of a dishwasher can damage the blades and sharpness of the tools.

You will also want to ensure that you keep your pizza scissors nice and sharp, so that they can cut up your pizza with ease. This can be done with a whetstone or sandpaper to ensure the blades are working properly.

The easiest way to keep your scissors sharp is to get 120 grit sandpaper such as Sandpaper Sheets and cut some strips with the pizza scissors. This should get the sharpness back if the blades seem to be a little duller than usual. 


If you want to serve the perfectly sized, consistent and even slices of pizza, then you will want to invest in a pair of pizza scissors.

These are much simpler to use than regular pizza cutters, they do not make a mess or tear apart the toppings, and they are easier to maintain and clean.

What are you waiting for? Take your pizza slicing game to the next level!


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