How To Dry Mozzarella Cheese For Pizza

Mozzarella cheese is one of the most popularly used cheeses for pizzas for its soft, stringy consistency, and beautiful flavor. Pizza is one of the best Italian dishes, made with a variety of toppings and ingredients, but let’s face it...the cheese makes the pizza. 

This is why it is so important to have high quality mozzarella cheese for your pizzas, and you really do not want that wet, watery cheese making pools all over the top of your pizza.

To avoid this, you will want to ensure that your mozzarella cheese is dry before adding it to the top of your pizza. 

What Is Fresh Mozzarella Cheese?

Mozzarella cheese is a soft, white cheese delicacy from southern Italy. This type of cheese is often called buffalo mozzarella cheese as it is typically made from the milk of the buffalo in traditional recipes.

In most cases, mozzarella cheese from the local store will be made from cow’s milk rather than buffalo, but it is still one of the best cheeses for using on your pizzas. 

Fresh mozzarella has a beautifully soft consistency, often served in moulded balls, within a bag filled with water to keep it fresh! Unlike other cheeses, or aged shredded cheese, this soft cheese is made to be eaten soon after being made.

Fresh mozzarella is the perfect cheese to use on pizzas. You can throw away the store bought shredded cheese, and start using this traditional cheese beloved by Italians worldwide.

Not only will your pizzas taste good, but your homemade pizzas will look amazing too! However, you will want to ensure that you prepare and cook this fresh cheese properly, or you may have a watery mess on your hands.

Why Is My Mozzarella Watery?

As fresh mozzarella is a soft cheese meant to be eaten fresh, this cheese has a very high moisture content.

This is because it contains up to 50% water, which means that fresh mozzarella can sometimes be very watery. In addition, fresh mozzarella is stored in a watery whey that will need to be drained before being used.

While mozzarella on pizza can evaporate easily in professional pizza ovens, this does not always happen in domestic kitchens, and you can be left with watery, sloppy mozzarella on your pizzas. To keep this from happening, you may want to learn how to dry mozzarella cheese for your pizza.

How To Dry Mozzarella Cheese For Pizza

Firstly, you will need to drain the liquids from the bag in which the fresh mozzarella was stored. The next thing you need to do is to remove the ball of fresh mozzarella and place it onto a plate or cutting board. 

Then, you will want to shake off any of the excess water and moisture from the mozzarella, and cut up the mozzarella into three of four pieces. Drain any more water from the cut up pieces so that the mozzarella cheese can dry up faster. 

The next step is to place the mozzarella pieces inside a mesh strainer, and place the strainer into a bowl. Then, you can place both the bowl and the strainer inside the refrigerator, and leave for a few hours.

Once this is done, you can remove the fresh mozzarella from the fridge, and dry off the pieces of cheese in a paper towel to remove any more excess moisture. You can also leave this to dry in the paper towel for 10 to 15 minutes to ensure that the mozzarella can dry out completely, ready for use.

The following step is to cut up the fresh mozzarella cheese into thin little strips, this will make it super easy to add to your homemade pizzas later, but can also help the drying out process.

When you want to make your pizzas, you can remove the mozzarella from the paper towel and put it in a bowl, this will make it so much easier to use on your pizza, as the cheese can sometimes stick to the paper when drying out. 


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