What Is A Pizza Cutting Board?

Pizza is a quick and easy meal that always delivers on flavor, and makes the perfect addition to any social occasion. Whether it’s a meal for one or you’ve got the whole family involved, there’s not much that beats a delicious pizza in the comfort of your own home. We’re all guilty of being impatient and …

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Pizza Steel: Is It Worth It?

Everyone always talks about pizza stones. Honestly, it’s’ ‘pizza stone this’ and ‘pizza stone that.’ Yeah, we get it, they’re cool, hip, useful. They’re not the only way of cooking pizza though! Pizza steels are the lesser-known relative of pizza stones. They are amazing bits of kit that can replicate a traditional pizza oven in your own …

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Is Neapolitan Pizza Healthy?

Okay, let’s be honest with each other. You’re here because of some wishful thinking that because Neapolitan pizza has spinach on it, it’s healthy?Well, it is definitely healthier because of the spinach. Overall, Neapolitan pizza is not any healthier than the average pizza. But, just because Neapolitan pizza isn’t the healthiest food you can eat, …

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